DMG Mori Seki NTX2000


HAAS SL20 Lathe

Tornos Deco 20

Our latest acquisition to our machine line up is the, DMG Mori Seki NTX2000.

The NTX2000 is a compact integrated mill turn center with a maximum work piece size of 660 mm x 1,540 mm.

This machine is suitable for complex and high-precision machining, which is required to cut parts used in the aerospace, medical equipment, defence and general engineering.

The machine meets different needs with extensive features including (1) Mori Seiki’s original technologies, (2) high productivity, (3) space saving, (4) high precision, (5) MAPPS IV + ESPRIT, Operating software.

Specifications (for the NTX2000/1500SZ)


Max. Turning diameter

(Tool spindle / Turret 2) 610

Max. Turning length 1,540 mm

Tool spindle travel (X/Y/Z) 495/250/1,560 mm

Spindle 1, Spindle 2 max. Speed 5,000 min-1

Max. Tool spindle speed 12,000 min-1

Tool storage capacity 76 tools

Tool changing time (tool-to-tool) 1.25 sec.

Type of tool shank [Capto C6

Tool spindle rapid traverse rate (X/Y/Z) 40/40/40 m/min

Machine size (width / depth / height) 4,076/2,980/2,626 mm


One of the work horses at Specialised CNC Engineering is our 4 axis mill, this machine always has work lined up for it to do.

Hass SL20 Lathe

Another workhorse of Specialised CNC Engineering is our SL20 HAAS lathe which can machine to 380 mm in diameter and 500 long

Tornos Deco 20

Specialised CNC Engineering also have a Deco 20 Swiss sliding head machine for the production of small parts. Maximum dia of bar is 25mm down to 1mm.

Other machines and services in the Specialised CNC Engineering lineup include:

3 meter manual lathe 600mm swing

Surface grinder 280 x 400 grinding area

Cylindrical grinding up to 600 long 200 dia

Line boring from 30mm up to 600 dia also id welding

Mig, Tig and arc welding

Stainless steel hydraulic cylinder resleeving

Drilling machines up to 80 mm dia